Dance Group

In the 1950’s the Hellenic Lyceum started the first Greek Dance Group. It was a way of maintaining Greek Culture and traditions.

Our dancers always appear in our authentic Greek costumes and to traditional choreography. Each year we make many public appearances such as leading the parade on the 25th March National Day celebration. We perform at the annual Archdiocese Walkathon and always available to participate whenever requested.

Throughout the years our dancers have made many noteworthy performances, such at the opening of the Opera House in 1973. They have performed for the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr Stephanopoulos in 2002 and for Greek Prime Minister Mr Kostas Karamalis in 2007.



1. President of the Republic Mr Stephanopoulos 2002





2.The Hellenic Lyceum Dance Group at Opera House





 3. Greek Priminister Mr Karamalis